Markets we Serve

All agencies seek quality and affordable help with emergency management programs that are viable after completion. Resiliency One, nothing is done to meet a compliance standard as the priority of a completed product. Everything produced will be a quality product that benefits the customer while meeting their compliance needs as a secondary effect.
Our emergency management solutions include initial assessments, hazard analysis, plan development and updates, training, and validation of all items, as mentioned earlier, through a progressive drill and exercise program. Resiliency One can assist with grant research and what pre-requisites for securing a grant.
We serve jurisdictions of all sizes, including local emergency managers, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and non-profit organizations.


Resiliency One provides emergency management consulting services to government agencies and jurisdictions of all sizes. In extreme situations, resources can quickly be overwhelmed, and emergency preparedness can help bring balance back to your community in the event of a disaster.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies play an integral role in emergency management. Resiliency One works with law enforcement agencies to expand the police officer’s skills to plan for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Fire Departments

Fire departments often lead a city’s emergency preparedness planning. Preparedness must be established in a Fire department that must be prepared to respond to non-fire emergencies and natural disasters in addition to their traditional fire fighting skills. The public relies on first responders during emergencies, and firefighters assist in public safety missions.

Non-Profit Organizations

Resiliency One offers emergency preparedness consulting services designed to help government jurisdictions, law enforcement, fire departments, and non-profit organizations. Learn more about our services and then contact us to arrange a consultation. We ensure you’re prepared before, during, and after the storm.

Preparedness Consulting Services Designed to Weather the Storm

Thank you for your interest in Resiliency One. We develop emergency preparedness solutions designed to serve the specific needs of our clients. Our services allow your organization to act decisively and safely in response to all hazards. Both natural and human-caused disasters rarely fit into a specific plan. We recognize the spontaneous nature of catastrophes and develop realistic and flexible programs to help decision-makers in an emergency.

Contact Resiliency One for more information about emergency preparedness assessments, training, planning, and drill and exercise development in Texas.